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Moncton Computer Repair - 140 First Avenue
140 First Avenue
Moncton, NB, E1C 7X5
Phone: (506) 802-8795
Text: (506) 502-0511
Serving Moncton, Riverview, Dieppe & surrounding areas in computer repair, data recovery, password unlocking and more!

Have you forgotten your password to log into your computer? Perhaps you purchased a used system and it’s locked? No matter the issue, if there’s a password that needs to be removed, contact DanTek Solutions by clicking here for a fast, efficient response.

DanTek Solutions will unlock any system with a password… guaranteed or you don’t pay!

Our total fee for password unlocking is $60.00
No need to reformat… we’ll get you back into your system in no time!


Most individuals – as well as businesses – have sensitive data on their computer hard drives: Personal information, passwords, etc. When deleting a file, is it truly gone? NO! Data recovery is able to retrieve deleted files… unless those files are properly destroyed.

DanTek Solutions provides secure file deletion for residential as well as business clients at a flat rate cost.

Rates are based on the following:
Residential clients: $150.00
Business clients: $200.00


DanTek Solutions will install any operating system (PC, Mac or Linux) on your computer at a flat rate cost of only $120.00 with data backup and only $60.00 without data backup.

This service includes the actual installation and then drivers, maintenance, security, etc. If you have a Windows product key on your computer computer there’s no additional cost yet if you are looking to upgrade your operating system to Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 additional charge for cost of product key will be incurred.


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